Public Integrity

20 Commitments

6 Unqualified
4 Fulfilled
8 Partially fulfilled
2 Not fulfilled
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Anti-bribery of domestic and foreign officials United States United States0
Apparent Conflicts of Interest in State Contracts Argentina ArgentinaPartially fulfilled0
Integrity Guidelines Argentina ArgentinaPartially fulfilled0
High-Level Reporting Mechanism Argentina Argentina0
Voluntary UNCAC Provisions France France0
Transparency of Public Aid France FrancePartially fulfilled0
Public Data Publication France FrancePartially fulfilled0
Transparency of Public Procurement France FrancePartially fulfilled0
Open Data Asset and Interest Declarations France FranceFulfilled0
Transparency on Lobbying Activities France FranceFulfilled0
Public Finance Data France FranceFulfilled0
Internal controls in ministries and institutions Burkina Faso Burkina Faso0
Anti-Corruption Committees in all ministerial departments Burkina Faso Burkina FasoNot fulfilled0
Implementation of judicial centres Burkina Faso Burkina FasoPartially fulfilled0
Programme budget implementation mechanism Burkina Faso Burkina Faso0
OECD 2016 Recommendation of the Council for Development Cooperation Actors on Managing the Risk of Corruption Norway NorwayPartially fulfilled0
Digital infrastructure for sharing information about companies bidding for public contracts Norway NorwayFulfilled0
Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) Norway Norway0
Implementing UNCAC recommendations Ireland IrelandPartially fulfilled0
Public Sector Standards Bill 2015 Ireland IrelandNot fulfilled0