Public Integrity

20 Commitments

5 Unqualified
4 Fulfilled
8 Partially fulfilled
3 Not fulfilled
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Whistleblower protection Indonesia Indonesia0
Digital technologies in the public sector Indonesia Indonesia0
Corruption prevention measures across the public administration Indonesia IndonesiaPartially fulfilled0
Public participation, public-private partnerships and the use of open data Indonesia IndonesiaPartially fulfilled0
Transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the public procurement system Indonesia IndonesiaPartially fulfilled0
Independence and effectiveness of the anti-corruption agency Indonesia IndonesiaNot fulfilled0
Governance of public owned enterprises Tunisia TunisiaPartially fulfilled0
New legal framework for public service Tunisia TunisiaPartially fulfilled0
Public finance system Tunisia Tunisia0
Vetting of Public Officers Kenya Kenya0
Payments to the Government on ICT-based platforms Kenya Kenya0
Integration of all procurement entities to the e-procurement module Kenya KenyaNot fulfilled0
Corruption prevention mechanisms Ukraine UkrainePartially fulfilled0
Whistleblower protection South Korea South KoreaFulfilled0
Prevention of public-private collusion South Korea South KoreaNot fulfilled1
Employment irregularities in public organizations South Korea South KoreaPartially fulfilled0
Conflict of interests South Korea South KoreaPartially fulfilled0
False claims for public funds South Korea South KoreaFulfilled0
Political party financing Denmark DenmarkFulfilled0
Counter national and international tax evasion and organised economic crime Denmark DenmarkFulfilled0