Legislative and Institutional Framework

20 Commitments

5 Unqualified
2 Fulfilled
8 Partially fulfilled
5 Not fulfilled
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National Review of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud Structures Ireland IrelandFulfilled0
Implementing UNCAC recommendations Ireland IrelandPartially fulfilled0
Public Sector Standards Bill 2015 Ireland IrelandNot fulfilled0
Risk Management Policy Finland FinlandPartially fulfilled0
Whistleblower Protection Finland FinlandPartially fulfilled0
National Anti-Corruption Strategy Finland FinlandFulfilled0
Combating corporate crime Australia AustraliaNot fulfilled0
Whistleblower protections in the corporate sector Australia AustraliaPartially fulfilled0
Strengthen the national anti-corruption framework Australia Australia0
Voluntary provisions of the UNCAC Georgia Georgia0
Access to public information Georgia GeorgiaNot fulfilled0
Anti-corruption evidence base United Kingdom United KingdomPartially fulfilled0
National strategy on anti-corruption Indonesia IndonesiaPartially fulfilled0
Capacity of the Anti-Corruption Learning Center Indonesia Indonesia0
Independence and effectiveness of the anti-corruption agency Indonesia IndonesiaNot fulfilled0
Tightening penalties for corruption crimes Tunisia TunisiaNot fulfilled0
New legal framework for public service Tunisia TunisiaPartially fulfilled0
Access to information and open data Tunisia TunisiaPartially fulfilled0
Decentralization process and support to local authorities Tunisia Tunisia0
Developing the legal and institutional system to prevent money laundering Tunisia Tunisia0