15 Commitments

7 Unqualified
0 Fulfilled
7 Partially fulfilled
1 Not fulfilled

Last updated: 30 Nov 2020 
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Standards of integrity in the state-owned enterprises Business IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Whistleblower protection Public Integrity0
Cooperation and promote cross-border coordination Security and Law Enforcement International Cooperation and Support0
Combatting impunity towards corruption crime Security and Law Enforcement0
National strategy on anti-corruption Legislative and Institutional Framework Business Integrity Security and Law EnforcementPartially fulfilled0
Digital technologies in the public sector Public Integrity0
Corruption prevention measures across the public administration Public Integrity Security and Law EnforcementPartially fulfilled0
Public participation, public-private partnerships and the use of open data Public Integrity Business IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Culture of integrity in the private sector Business IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Follow-up action to implement the recommendation of implementation review of UNCAC International Cooperation and Support0
Capacity of the Anti-Corruption Learning Center Legislative and Institutional Framework International Cooperation and Support0
Women empowerment Other0
Transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the public procurement system Public IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Beneficial ownership transparency Fiscal IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Independence and effectiveness of the anti-corruption agency Legislative and Institutional Framework Public IntegrityNot fulfilled0