Fiscal Integrity

15 Commitments

6 Unqualified
4 Fulfilled
4 Partially fulfilled
1 Not fulfilled
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Private prosecution of corruption and corruption related offences Ghana Ghana0
Illicit finance and beneficial ownership transparency United Kingdom United KingdomPartially fulfilled0
Beneficial ownership transparency Indonesia IndonesiaPartially fulfilled0
Beneficial ownership Tunisia Tunisia0
Developing the legal and institutional system to prevent money laundering Tunisia Tunisia0
Accounting standards Tunisia Tunisia0
Beneficial Ownership Register Kenya Kenya0
Integration of all procurement entities to the e-procurement module Kenya KenyaNot fulfilled0
Public procuring entities Kenya KenyaFulfilled0
Beneficial ownership database Ukraine UkrainePartially fulfilled0
Efforts to counteract aggressive tax planning Ukraine Ukraine0
Anti-money laundering Denmark DenmarkPartially fulfilled0
Counter national and international tax evasion and organised economic crime Denmark DenmarkFulfilled0
Reform of tax administration Denmark DenmarkFulfilled0
Taxation Denmark DenmarkFulfilled0