11 Commitments

5 Unqualified
3 Fulfilled
2 Partially fulfilled
1 Not fulfilled

Last updated: 30 Jun 2022 
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Aid Transparency Public Integrity0
SDG 16, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions International Cooperation and Support0
Criminal Investigation Cooperation Security and Law Enforcement0
Capacity Building and Corruption Identification Guidelines Public IntegrityFulfilled0
Strengthen Public Procurement Fiscal IntegrityFulfilled0
Tax and Development Action Program (TDAP) Fiscal Integrity International Cooperation and Support0
Doubling Development Support International Cooperation and SupportNot fulfilled0
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Staff Capacity Building Public Integrity0
Risk Management Policy Legislative and Institutional Framework Public IntegrityPartially fulfilled0
Whistleblower Protection Legislative and Institutional FrameworkPartially fulfilled0
National Anti-Corruption Strategy Legislative and Institutional FrameworkFulfilled0