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The Danish government has committed to the development of an open data platform, which will ease the release of and use of data. This will be underpinned by a number of awareness raising activities to promote the publication and use of public data. This is done through the Open Data DK project, which will focus on public administration at local and regional level.

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The commitment is specific as it possible to monitor whether the Open Data DK project has been launched or not. However, it is unclear how the platform will ease and release the use of data and how the government will promote the use of data.


The commitment can be measured by the establishment of the open data platform. Also, it is possible to examine which activities have been carried out to promote the publication of the platform. It is challenging to measure the degree to which the release and use of data has been improved.

Last updated: 30 November 2020
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The Danish government has established the Open Data DK[1] project that secures free and equal access for everyone. The platform contains non-personal data published by the Danish municipalities, ranging from data on the municipalities’ infrastructure to socio-economic composition. This ensures greater transparency in public administration and across different sectors. The parts of the Open Data DK project that are still in development are shared on an open platform to assure transparency. It remains unclear, however, if there has been any awareness raising activity to promote the publication and use of public data, as was intended.

Challenges to effective commitment implementation
A possible challenge to the Open Data DK project is that municipalities do not make sufficient use of the platform, preventing it from reaching full its potential. Furthermore, the type of and use of data could be limited by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.


It is recommended awareness raising activities are carried out as was originally intended, to promote the use of public data.

Furthermore, streamlining of data on the Open Data DK platform would increase use as it does not make sense to use data that is not displayed consistently throughout all municipalities. This might mean a clarification to municipalities regarding the expectations of the data.

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