Prevention, investigation and punishment of bribery in the private sector

Kenya has enacted the Bribery Act, 2016 which seeks to strengthen the prevention, investigation and punishment of bribery particularly in the private sector. The Act provides stringent provisions of combating corruption and will bolster efforts to expose and punish corrupt conduct in the private sector.

Completion Status:
⚠ Unqualified*

*commitment is not specific or/and not measurable

Commitment filtering:

Specific: ❌ no

The commitment is not specific as it merely mentions the existence of an anti-corruption framework already in place through the provisions of the Bribery Act 2016. The commitment does not offer anything new.

Measurable: ❌ no

The commitment is not measurable as worded as it does not identify any measurable actions to indicate whether the commitment will have been achieved.

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