Digitisation strategy

The Danish Agency for Digitisation is currently implementing a major digitisation strategy which sets the course for Danish public sector digitisation efforts. An expected outcome of this reform is among others to improve transparency, coherence and quality of basic data by standardising data formats, increasing data quality and providing data on a single shared platform. The latest basic data in the current basic data programme will be available on the shared platform in Q2 2019. The Danish Agency for Digitisation has committed itself to further improvements and expansions of the basic data programme to ensure still more transparency and benefits for the many users of basic data in Denmark.

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While the commitment does not specify the expected standards of transparency, coherence and quality of basic data, it is still deemed sufficiently specific. The commitment targets a clear and confined policy area and states a timeline.


The commitment is measurable in that it can be determined whether the basic data programme was available in Q2 2019. Also, it is possible to qualitatively assess whether the quality and benefits of basic data has improved.

Last updated: 30 November 2020
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Overall, this commitment mostly describes initiatives that were implemented and/or were about to be implemented. Thus, efforts were already being made to increase transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and integrity in the public sector. However, when evaluating the statement of this commitment, it becomes clear that the way in which the initiatives are formulated is very unspecific and there is a far greater focus on what Denmark wants to achieve compared to the means by which it should be achieved. This, therefore, leaves Denmark in a position where it is difficult to monitor how well initiatives are being carried out since the means for implementation are not specified.

In 2019, the Danish Agency for Digitisation implemented the initiative Videre med gode grunddata (continuously good basic data). This means that basic data is now freely accessible for public and private interests. These data can be accessed through Datafordeleren (the data distributor), the joint public distribution solution. Data has now been organised meaningfully, and the quality of data on private property, addresses, water, geography, persons and companies has improved. As a consequence of these improvements in data, it is expected that dialogue between basic data organisations and the users of basic data will improve to secure and support the use of basic data. In this way, the Danish Agency for Digitisation has made a great effort to improve transparency, coherence and quality of basic data. However, a decision has been made to pause the expansion of basic data to focus on the current transition. This decision was based on an analysis of the need for new basic data in the near future, which showed that users of basic data did not express a need for further expansion of basic data right now.