Decentralization process and support to local authorities

Complementing decentralization process and supporting local authorities in their efforts to improve their facilities’ capacities and services and to establish good governance in accordance with the constitutional principles and the requirements of local authorities’ code by December 2019.

Completion Status:
⚠ Unqualified*

*commitment is not specific or/and not measurable

Commitment filtering:

Specific: ❌ no

The commitment is a general statement of intent to support to strengthen anti-corruption measures, good governance and decentralisation processes. It also does not identify any specific or concrete area or mechanism.

Measurable: ❌ no

The language used in the commitment text is vague and imprecise. Complementing the decentralisation process and supporting local authorities are non-specific and could have countless points of intervention (legal, institutional, and so on). Therefore, the commitment is not measurable. This commitment does not mention any measurables or concrete actions for the ministry to adopt. Even though it mentions the local authorities code, the commitment does not mention specifically what the ministry intends to accomplish.

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