Cooperation with international organisations

Georgia is willing to work together with partner countries to and continue close cooperation with international organisations for sharing best practices on established tools for prevention and combating corruption.

Completion Status:
⚠ Unqualified*

*commitment is not specific or/and not measurable

Commitment filtering:

Specific: ❌ no

This commitment is a general statement of intent to work with partners to share best practices and tools in the fight against corruption. It does not identify a concrete policy area in which preventing and combating corruption is a priority or a mechanism that would be used for that purpose. Nor does it specify the mechanisms for partnering with other countries and international organisations.

Measurable: ❌ no

The commitment does not identify any measurable actions to indicate whether it will have been

achieved. It is unclear how they want to share best practices nor which tools or mechanisms they want to establish for prevention and combating corruption.

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